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  • Jeanne Fischelli

    Astronomers have found one of the largest objects in the universe, a galaxy cluster where stars are forming more rapidly than anywhere else yet observed. It is called the Phoenix cluster, 5.7 billion light years away in the southern sky. It is seen in this artist's conception. (M. Weiss/CXC/NASA)

  • Aries Star 29 -- Christine Truelson

    BLACK HOLES • GALAXIES • SPACE 4 By Evan Ackerman 6:43PM on Aug 15, 2012 Phoenix Cluster of galaxies may be largest object in universe

  • David Paterson

    This undated handout artist illustration provided by NASA shows a cosmic supermom. It's a galaxy that gives births to more stars in a day than ours does in a year. Astronomers used NASA's X-Ray telescope to spot this distant galaxy creating about 740 new stars a year. By comparison our Milky Way galaxy spawns just about one new star each year. This new galaxy is about 5.7 billion light years away. It is in the center of a recently discovered cluster of galaxies that give the brightest x-ray glow

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