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So, how do you do this snow angel thing again?

Cross my heart - if you put out the nuts, I'll only take one ...

Uncle... So rahe ho? [Uncle, are you asleep?] by Sandeep Somasekharan. "Many a time I have seen squirrels in and around owl habitats. Fig trees, abandoned quarries etc... And most of the times they seem curious than intimidated. Maybe because day time is not really the time when the owls are hungry?"

"I Only Wanted One!" [Yes he was sneaking! This particular squirrel had been in trouble all morning for not only scaring birds away from the feeders and tree...but the ground and everywhere else! The photographer captured this shot of him sneaking back after he had just given him a good scolding.]~[Photograph by RMK14 - March 21 2011]'h4d'121115

Squirrel Looking At The Flowers At Parkchester In The Bronx

Is the squirrel eating a balanced diet? Think the seeds were far more popular than the apple....but it disappeared at some point! Stunning scene!! Apple a day... will keep the Squirrel Doctor away!!

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"I’m Back". Antelope Ground Squirrel looking for his free peanut snack, Henderson, Nevada. Photo James Marvin Phelps