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welding cart/table combo

5' x 2' plasma cutting table with a funnel design under it to direct all the dust, debris, and slag into a metal pail.

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Retractable wheels: Hydraulic jack pushes crosspiece down/table up compressing the springs between crosspieces at wheel locations

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welding table

Reclaimed sheetmetal from an old car makes a pretty cool table.

Another table, any tips?

Welding table with plasma cutting slag bin

welding table ideas?

welding table.

Welding table 26 x 63 building 2 of them to act like sawhorses - Page 2 - The Garage Journal Board

My family gave me a benchtop drill press for a present. And even though I really wanted a bigger one, I decided it would be more considerate to make the smaller drill press act bigger than to return the gift. To make that happen, I mounted my drill press to a portable stand that I made out of 3⁄4" plywood. The movable shelf actually works better and faster than cranking the table up and down on a stationary press. And, because I mounted casters and handles to the stand, it’s more portable .....

Welding table design review. Table stops

Welding Table idea

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Woodworking Table

Shop organization. Work bench in middle with storage all around...

Heavy welding bench, with scissor jacks moving retractable wheels. ingenuity! Welding Table - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts