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    Terrafugia Updates Flying Car Design, Shows Realistic | Media Sharing Video - YouTube


    Samsung’s foldable smartphone is set to be released in January Next Year

    La compañía británica Intelligent Energy ha presentado un prototipo de iPhone 6 con una batería de hidrógeno que sólo hay que cargar una vez a la semana.

    Científicos mexicanos consiguen crear electricidad sin usar combustibles fósiles

    "A new invention looks set to change Scuba and diving in general. It’s shocking task lies in the idea of microscopic, nano scale ‘artificial Gills’, can effectively separate the Oxygen from the water while diving, on demand. A series of tiny threads or strands have microscopic holes a

    The First 3D-Printed Supercar

    This is awesome!




    Speakers that can go throughout the house.

    Taking pictures or shooting video pulls you out of the moment. There's always a screen or viewfinder blocking your view, and in the end you never wind up in the photos that you're taking. You never...

    The C-Enduro will spend a month surveying the Celtic Sea in an effort to learn more about why so many marine predators are drawn to the area.

    Más de 4 millones de personas mueren al año producto de algo tan básico como cocinar o calentar su hogar. Los hornillos rudimentarios, utilizados en

    In modern society everyone owns and uses cell phones. They have become exquisitely important gadgets for us and we can’t imagine our day without using them. But the thing what we don’t know and is very important is that they emit radiation which is very harmful for our body. Fortunately there is a natural way…

    The cost of solar panels has decreased significantly over the last 40 years.  In the 1977, it cost around $40 per watt created when creating a panel, in 2013 the cost was only $0.74! This dramatic change continues to occur, with...

    El clima allí no es húmedo, no abunda la lluvia. En cambio, la niebla es un fenómeno corriente y los habitantes de Sidi Ifni han aprendido a aprovecharlo

    The world's fastest-charging electric bus, which takes as little as 10 seconds to completely recharge, is now in service in the coastal city of Ningbo, China.

    Morgan Stanley ya indicó el año pasado que el producto de almacenamiento de energía de Tesla podría ser "perjudicial" tanto en los EE.UU. como en Europa ya que los clientes buscan evitar los honorarios de servicios públicos de suministro quedándose "fuera de la red".

    El mundo que viene

    BioCanopy EXPO - ecoLogicStudio