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    • Sara Antonio

      TU SALUD: 5 Grandes beneficios de comer Semillas de Papaya.

    • Eva Gubik

      10 Papaya Fruit Fresh Exotic Tree Seeds, Sweet Tropical Fruit Seeds

    • Ramona Martha Guerra

      La papaya tiene propiedades desconocidas.

    • Mahnoor Rahman

      If you experience any discomfort (bloating, pain, etc.) try adding some digestive enzymes. Papaya enzymes are an easy and inexpensive place to start. Chew after meals if you're feeling discomfort.

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    The historical moment happened in Canada, a cancer has been finally cured. But the Great Pharma Industry has no interest at all. In fact, the cure is inexpensive, even cheaper than a chocolate bar,...

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    Con una alimentación apropiada y ejercicio, como el entrenamiento de resistencia o fortaleza, puede evitar y revertir la perdida muscular relacionada con la edad.

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    Berberine is a natural alkaloid found in a wide variety of traditional herbs, and it can help naturally treat conditions, including diabetes, digestive problems and even cancer.

    La investigación sugiere que la dieta cetónica es útil para tratar el cáncer, así como también el tratamiento hiperbárico y la restricción calórica.

    This man proves that comedy is by far the best way to relay important information to human beings, even if that information might seem 'negative' in other lights. In this case he analyzes the excruciating language used in food advertising to...

    australia cancer berry

    After decades of empire-building, waging wars for fossil fuels, selling out governments, lacing the environment and the global food supply with GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics

    mms y ebola - video censurado (por favor difunde y reenvia)

    High blood pressure is no longer just an affliction of the elderly, as more than one-third of young people between the ages of 16 and 34 are now said to suffer from some form of hypertension. And a recent study out of California revealed that, if left unchecked, this cardiovascular malady, even in its mild …

    You are what you eat″, said Gillian McKeith in her dieting program, revealing how unhealthy diet affects our overall health. Therefore, it is of essential importance to know the difference between alkaline and acidic foods and the impact they have on your bodily functions. The acidic environment is the perfect soil for cancer development, while…

    Más de 10,000 aditivos químicos con seguridad cuestionable están permitidos en los alimentos y prácticamente ninguno se ha probado para la seguridad humana.

    The Secret Detox Program

    Floating for stress relief and relaxation. You float in a dark tank of epsom salt and water with earplugs in for one hour. Supposedly as beneficial as 4 hours of deep sleep.

    12 Years after Inoperable Cancer


    The Golden Antibiotic can be used for bacterial and viral infections, allergy issues (especially seasonal), as well as for immune system strengthening, and finally for preventing carcinogenic diseases. Even though it may sound pretentious, many studies have proven that its ingredients are powerful enough to fight these diseases. The golden color comes from the honey…


    Quieres purificar el cuerpo y la sangre, mejorar la circulación, actuar de forma preventiva cuando se enferma con la gripe o simplemente mejorar la salud en general. Si es así, entonces te sugerimos que utilice capas de cebolla en los pies. Estos recubrimientos fueron utilizados por nuestros antepa

    La moringa tiene propiedades para bajar el colesterol, antidiabéticas, antiinflamatorias, cardio protectoras y está lleno de vitaminas, minerales y antioxidantes. articulos.mercola...

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