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All Natural Dog treats, they look good enough for me to eat! and carob chips instead of chocolate chips, so smart!

Natertot Bakery Carob Chip Dog Cookies. Our carob chip dog treat cookies are made with fresh carob (a healthy and safe alternative to chocolate). Each Carob Chip dog cookie measures about 2 inches in diameter. Make your fido the envy of the neighborhood.


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An entire site full of dog-friendly recipes. This pic is of carob covered dog cookies.

Doggie Bark... Here's a sweet treat you can make for your favorite canine friends, Be sure to use carob chips -- chocolate is harmful to canines.

DIY Doggie Easter Eggs (Pooch friendly -made of carob and yoghurt!). Not sure I like the idea of using something that looks like chocolate for a dog treat, gives people new to dogs the wrong idea. Still cool though.

Dog-friendly carob makes a great icing for dog treats, but requires more care than chocolate to avoid drying out. If you don't have a double-boiler, use a glass bowl on top of boiling water (with a vent to let steam escape.)

looks like something id eat to cure my chocolate craving - but theyre special treats for your #dogs! theres no chocolate in there!! How cute! and theyre natural and organic - couldnt be any better!

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DIY Banana Ice Cube Dog Treats

DIY Banana Ice Cube Dog Treats Recipe - Cheap, easy and instantly the happiest dog in the world!