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i want to say this all the time. to one particular female. but i don't. because that's rude.




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HAHAHA! Why didn't MY Mom tell me this!!???

Pretty much.

Hmm maybe it would fit better if it said "pretending I don't have 1,000 other things going on to specifically fix your small issue that you could have used google to figure out!!"

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Getting paid to drink wine and look at pinterest? Awww I wish!

Exactly lol


Oh so true

Typewriter Series #548 by Tyler Knott Gregson

For the targeted parents, stepmoms & family of parental alienation....we aren't giving up....but life must go on

One day...

I totally love exercise... If by exercise you mean sitting on the couch watching tv and eating cake Misty Rich

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retro funny....


bye bitch - vintage retro funny quote