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    *snickers* lmao

    McCoy Name Tag.

    Big Bang Nerds as Star Trek Characters

    On the corner of Live Long and Prosper. This is too great!

    Princess Bride | Look around!

    That does put a damper on our relationship...

    It's Wheatons all the way down!!!

    star trek FTW. @Aaron Marcusson got me this shirt for my birthday!

    Soft tribble

    I survived the fire swamp!

    wil wheaton LOL

    I always thought about that.

    I could find myself saying that frequently. Sass Trek. This was one of my favorite Spock moments in Star Trek Into Darkness.

    Ohmygoodness! So true

    George Takei is hysterical!


    Star Wars / Princess Bride mashup ... Fett... fetch me that pitcher?

    "Have fun stormin' the castle!"

    Princess bride