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Lowe's Ferns - "LOMARIA ATTENUATA" - Chromolithograph - 1856

Lowe's Ferns - "LOMARIA ATTENUATA" - Chromolithograph - 1856

Chromolithograph featuring various botanical ferns. This genuine 159 year old chromo print was published by Groombridge & Sons in London in FREE WORLD

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Davallia canariensis, the Hare's-Foot Fern is a fern in the Davalliaceae family - Antique print from 1880

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Vintage Printable - Botanical Leaf - Instant Art

1855 - The ferns of Great Britain, and their allies the club-mosses, pepperworts, and horsetails - ANN PRATT

Bought two of these at the SOWA market and framed them. They flank the mirror above the bar. Very Rare Antique Botanical Fern Print - Broad Prickly Toothed Fern, Anne Pratt,

Free botanical prints: can have printed and framed. I adore these and was thrilled to find them! ~kb

Vintage Printable select images, thematic: vintage or antique botanical prints. Scan of 2 d images in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.