Standing atop a hill in Las Cruces, N.M., overlooking Interstate 10, is a 20-foot roadrunner sculpture made from trash from the city dump. The bird was built from a variety of objects, including toys, computer parts and sheet metal, but its belly was made almost entirely from discarded white shoes. Since the bird arrived on the mesa in 2000, people have been writing graffiti on the shoes

Henry Lay Sculpture Park in the town of Louisiana, Missouri by Veronica and Edwin Dam De Nogales

found object art

sculpture Gilles Blanchard

Mr. Bird by Pina Macku

Dice sculptures--cool!

Walking to the Sky Sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh.

Singing Ringing Tree in Lancashire England is a sculpture made of steel pipes which resonate with the wind and have been tuned by adding holes. Photo by Tony Worrall Foto

Andy Goldsworthy

Kotuku (White Heron)

Expansion - sculpture series by Paige Bradley

Steel aluminum blowing Dandelion sculpture. 15 feet tall. Awesome!

great sculpture from old horseshoes!! I will make this someday!! I can do this, I can see it in my mind

Scarecrow - Forgotten objects, Figurative Sculpture

Chihuly Icicles - Whether illuminated by the sun or moon, Dale Chihuly's Icicles, the Icicle Creek Chandelier, sparkles like a living presence from the forest. Almost nine feet tall, the sculpture of 1,060 parts in the shape of icicles was Chihuly's first permanent outdoor installation. Designed to withstand the dramatic temperature changes of the Leavenworth area, each piece is secured to a steel armature attached to one of the largest boulders on the site.

Seattle sculptress Kim Graham and her team made this amazing troll sculpture out of reclaimed lumber, discarded cardboard, and papier mache.

Anna-Wili Highfield, Ravens

“You Blew Me Away” sculpture by Penny Hardy

"Litterbugs" from recycled items by Mark Oliver

Anish Kapoor C-Curve Carl Abrams The Anish Kapoor C-Curve sculpture is on top of the South Downs overlooking Brighton, as one of the exhibits within the Brighton Festival. #architecture ☮k☮ #design #sculpture

'Aero Agoseris' is a 15 foot kinetic wind sculpture by Mark Baltes located in Boise, Idaho