Pearl Sprays Foot Jewelry - Foot Lace Jewelry. YES PLEASE!

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Bridal Jewelry Barefoot Sandals Wedding Foot by SubtleExpressions, $34.00

Something Blue Rhinestone Barefoot Sandals Foot by BareSandals

Oh yes would be so beautiful for a wedding or on the beach!


Crochet Tan Barefoot Sandals Nude shoes Foot by barmine on Etsy

Foot jewelry on your wedding day.

Beach Jewelry Sterling Silver Swarovski Pearl Foot Jewelry

Beaded foot thongs or barefoot sandals are glamorous, sexy adornments, seen on naked feet from the French Riviera to the beaches of St. Kitts. These are REQUIRED accessories for beach weddings. Barefoot sandals are easy and inexpensive to make. Even for the novice crafter, this jewelry can be made in less than an hour. Depending on the beads you select.

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Silver Foot Jewelry

Beach wedding "shoes"

just walking around the house looking all cute n stuff....

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Foot jewelry. I will make this


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