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The best pin of all time. more funny pics on facebook:

unicorns call it their "poking stick" by sween, via Flickr

Hehehe. Id have some fun. And id turn people I like into unicorns with my magical self and then the world would be rid of idiots and filled with magical psycho unicorns. The good kind of psycho though not the serial killer kind.

If i change my mind about the Navy, this will be my back up plan

Hell yeah. Joan Anderson oliveras Thought you would get a kick out of this since I recall you used to talk about unicorns a lot.

"There's tons of stuff on unicorns too. In fact I've heard they ride on silver moon beams and shoot rainbows out of there horn" -Dean Winchester, Supernatural. Lol

Is this why you love unicorns so much Jennifer Richards??

Double Cone art print|♡by Lim Heng Swee (ilovedoodle) on Etsy

welcome to this place ill show you evrythng, with arms wide opuhhhnn

got it, everyone? why is it taking so long for the world to agree with this one?

Amanda Bormann What would the unicorn do? WE NEED THIS!