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    Batik is a method of dyeing fabrics typically using a wax-resist to create patterns and designs.  Here’s an easy way to get the same effect but without the hot wax. I’ve seen people use washable glue for easy batik, but the cold wax resulted in a much better effect for me: it dries quickly, provides a waterproof resist, and also washes out really easily.  Instead of adding color using dye, in this tutorial I remove color by using bleach.

    bleach-resist lyrics shirt

    Easy Bleach Batik Technique via

    Batik dye technique with hot glue instead of wax!!!

    bleach & lace tee - flatten tee (outdoors) on tarp & insert cardboard inside. Lay lace over it and mist with spray bottle of bleach. When pattern shows, plunge tee into cold water/vinegar mixture to stop the bleaching process. Wash, then wear!

    #DIY Flour Paste Batik .....I've done 'real' batik with wax & tjanting tool, and I don't have fabric paints but I've got lots of procion dye. Must try this.....

    This is kinda sweet looking...personally I think they should have stopped spraying after the first one...but it's all the personal choice of the wearer!! :)

    Salvage ripped flip-flops by making a more comfortable (and cuter) version.

    Batik-style shirt made with glue and dye

    bleached shorts. kinda cool?

    diy tie dye. Julie Shay Designs

    transfer a design onto wood by newsprint. Easy!

    1) Lay glass on old t-shirt 2) Wear safety goggles 3) Smash glass with hammer 4) Spray bottle bleach on broken glass shards

    How to Stencil with Bleach via\ Be sure to read comments section

    Ice dye technique on fabric.


    An easy tutorial for transferring an image onto fabric. No special materials needed!

    instead of paint I want to use starch paste and batik the shirt

    Upcycled T-shirt Pic 28

    Easy DIY tie-dye (using Rubbing Alcohol & Sharpie Pens)

    this is such a cool technique, just love it!