Batik is a method of dyeing fabrics typically using a wax-resist to create patterns and designs.  Here’s an easy way to get the same effect but without the hot wax. I’ve seen people use washable glue for easy batik, but the cold wax resulted in a much better effect for me: it dries quickly, provides a waterproof resist, and also washes out really easily.  Instead of adding color using dye, in this tutorial I remove color by using bleach.

Black'n'White II by Ooli Mos, via Behance

from Dishfunctional Designs: Beautiful Batik: What It Is & How It's Made...really great ideas on crafts one can do that is similar to batik.

Easy Bleach Batik Technique... Click to see directions >>>>>>>

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Batik is traditionally used with dye, but sometimes I just don’t want to mess with dye!

Stitch loosely in a Mickey shape in waxed dental floss, gather it up, rubber band it, and then add more rubber bands. Tie dye as usual. Voila! Mickey Mouse tie dyed shirts.

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Website with lots of sugestions for removing stains; crayon, grease, wine etc...

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VECTOR SHIT on Behance

Black'n'White by Ooli Mos, via Behance

Wheatpaste poster illustration of a bat.

Xilografía by Ariel Monjes, via Behance

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Drawings and inked illustrations on Behance