Fun game for family or youth group! She has tons of great games!

Group Games- there are some new ones I haven't seen before.

paper plate game This could be fun and test listening skills as well!

Using a sharpie on plastic tumbler, and melting them. Great idea to make a mobile with.

group games

20 AWESOME GAMES USING CUPS!!! Cups (be it plastic or paper) are the ultimate kids ministry prop to have around. I have found that games using cups are easy to think of and are always a lot of fun to play. Here are 20 games using cups that will be a huge hit with your kids.

The FLOUR game! Another pinner said "grew up playing this game almost every family night. we LOVED it! I haven't remembered it for years until seeing here on pinterest!" This looks like a fun tradition to start.

Bible Games for Youth Groups | eHow

Games at youth group helps make church fun for teens.

Okay, next pin I saw was a Hunger Games one!!! Theirs was different though

The most fun group game you will ever play. Once you play, you will agree. Instructions for making the Candy Ball and playing the game.

This Or That? Great get to know you game

Party Game ideas

Dizzy izzy and i like the idea of circular tug of war

How to host a Minute to Win It themed party - These will be awesome for a family fun night or family reunion or youth group or just random mixer games! Can't wait for the video!

Tons of big family/group game ideas.

The Yes Or No game is a quickfire, rapid thinking, rapid speaking game that’s perfect for playing in front of a large group of youth, as an icebreaker, or even with a smaller group so that each young person can participate. Here’s how to play the Yes Or No game: Resources This can be played …

Who would have thought...? Fun for kids to do, too.

This one was called Shovel the Snow. They had put the pile of the snowballs (minimarshmellows again) into the cup using a straw. It was totally quiet in the room! Loved this game!

Mug with a hoop!

We did this!! SO fun. Kids were entertained and had fun for a long time. Marble Game - practice aiming