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slow loris

Community Post: Are Slow Lorises The New Sloths?


The Slow Loris: These adorable litte creatures have an iron stomach! They will eat insects that no other animal would dream of touching! But the trafficking of the slow loris is awful. Please research it and support the cause!

The Loris.  Female lorises practice infant parking, leaving their young infants behind in nests. Before they do this they bathe their young with allergenic saliva that is acquired by licking patches on the insides of their elbows that produce a mild toxin that discourages most predators.

Animal of the day – 11/10/2010 – The Loris

Slow Loris - an endangered species from south and southeastern Asia. They have a toxic bite, a rare trait among mammals. The toxin is produced by licking a gland on their arm, and the secretion mixes with its saliva to activate.

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Akron Zoo in Ohio has announced the birth of a rare Pygmy Slow Loris! The baby, a male, was born August 21 and weighed less than an ounce g) at birth. According to the zoo’s veterinary staff, the baby.

six-week old and still nameless pygmy slow lori (L, Nycticebus pygmaeus) is seen with its mother Malaga at the zoo in Szeged, Hungary,

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I want one , It is a Slow Loris

Endangered Slow Loris looks like an adorable anime character. How stinkin' adorable! I want one!

I did it!!

Slow loris loves getting tickled. I forsee a large growth in the number of animal tickling experiments.