Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath. I cant stop laughing at this.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Research from the University of Sydney has found some dogs are more pessimistic than others.

Theodor Nugent..i.e. Ted that told the President to suck his this effort at for me. very #funny

Guilty pups

A chuckle for your Friday.

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This might be the cutest thing... ever. My children will have a Guinea Pig. My favorite pet when I was growing up.

I need a dog... and then one day ... a baby. one day. haha

I laughed way harder than necessary.

I laughed at this more than I should have


this is hilarious. I shouldn't laugh but i cant stop watching...



Hahahaha! YES.

Oompa Loompa Dog