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  • Leslee Marvin

    Love my Birthstone!! San Carlos, AZ will always be close to my heart. Native peridot comes out of here.

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San Andreas fault at Palmdale, CA

Hackmanite is an important variety of sodalite exhibiting tenebrescence (the ability of minerals to change colour when exposed to sunlight. The effect can be repeated indefinitely, but is destroyed by heating). If left in a dark environment for some time, the violet will fade again. A very rare gemstone indeed.

Rare Earth Minerals in Your iPhone

RARE Dioptase Dark Emerald Crystal Cluster Mineral Specimen

Benitoite(a rare blue barium titanium silicate mineral) and Neptunite (a silicate mineral with the formula KNa2Li(Fe2+, Mn2+)2Ti2Si8O24. With increasing manganese it forms a series with mangan-neptunite. Watatsumiite is the variety with vanadium replacing the titanium in the formula).crystals covering Natrolite matrix! From the Benitoite Gem Mine in San Benito County, California.

Kröhnkite, Natrochalcite. Kröhnkite is a rare copper sulfate mineral

This is neither an impact crater nor a volcano. It is a perfect circular intrusion, about 10 km in diameter with a topographic ridge up to 600 m high. The Kondyor Massif is located in Eastern Siberia, Russia, north of the city of Khabarovsk. It is a rare form of igneous intrusion called alkaline-ultrabasic massif and it is full of rare minerals

This is Cavansite; what the castle is made of

Carminite,Gartrellite, Beudantite and Anglesite


Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania. The only active carbonatite volcano in the world. Its lava erupts at only 500 degrees C.

Composite aeromagnetic anomaly map of South Carolina land and offshore areas at a simulated flight altitude of 1000 feet above ground or ocean (East illumination).

Amazing Geology: Fossilized gastropod replaced by precious emerald

Geological Strata, Crystal Palace Park. Penge (Sydenham Hill), south-east Londo

Bands of black basic gneiss and grey acid gneiss were formed from igneous rocks more than 2000 million years ago. In a later event, they have been cut across by intrusions of pink granite. Near Loch Laxford, NW Scotland.

Is it geology, or a genuine work of art? Recumbent, chevron folds found at Crystal Cove State Park, near Laguna Beach, Calif.

[OP: aquatic fossils] Probably Archimedes.

Google Image Result for skywalker.cochise...

Sedimentary layers fold dramatic-ally toward the ocean in Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord, Greenland

Vintage Print Rocks and Minerals Sulphur by PineandMain on Etsy. $6.00, via Etsy.

"Geology Humor" T-Shirts & Hoodies by WandelDesign | Redbubble

Durdle Door Layers, alternating folds of Portland limestone & shale, near Lulworth | Jurassic, 140 Ma

Geology of Texas Map

Crinoid fossils are sea lilies and feather stars that attached to the sea bottom, filtered food particles, and boomed in the Paleozoic period when plants dominated the earth. Most of the coal deposits found in the world today are found in association to Pyrite (decomposing plant and animal life + oxidation) due to high quartz and sulfur levels of 60% or more. Crinoids are found in Limestone.