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  • Ashley Dicks

    How to cut glass bottle (for me wine bottle) using nail polish remover, string and lighter

  • Katharine W H

    This video describes the process of cutting a beer bottle in half. First a piece of string is tied around a glass beer bottle to gauge the proper length that the string should be. Next, excess string is cut off and the tied string loop is slid up and off of the bottle. Next, the cap of a bottle of nail polish remover is unscrewed and the cap is filled with nail polish remover. The string is then wadded up and dipped into the nail polish remover for a couple seconds. The string is slid back on...

  • Patty Byrd

    Cut bottles with nail polish remover

  • Carol Haag Thompson

    Cutting glass bottles in two ... The total project takes about 10 min when you have all of the supplies collected!!! I love quick and simple!!! Here is what you will need to make the vase/candle holder: -old glass bottles -nail polish remover -cotton strong (I used the green yarn pictured below) -a lighter or matches -a sink full of cold water -sand paper #tips #Greatideas #handyman

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How to cut glass with yarn and fingernail polish remover