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Awesome Abs and Arms April

As always, I found these on pinterest. Please don’t ask me any questions about how to do the exercises, how many reps, or when I’m going to post the calendar for May, June, etc. I did not create th...
  • 2x SF

    :) >>> Now that Im done with Mad Abs March, its time to move on to this. Includes exercises for abs, arms, and butt.

  • Brittany Hall

    Awesome Abs April! Intermediate workout

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Seriously. These annoy me. Yeah, work that tummy all you want. Unless you do some cardio to burn the fat hiding those fab muscles, it's all for naught. So go out and run!

I Seek Obliques backonpointe: As requested by sausage-and-beans! You’ll need a dumbbell (or jug of water, gallon of milk, etc.) for the side bends, but that’s it. Don’t know how to do something? Click below to see a video on that exercise. Russian twists Side leg lifts Lying leg lifts Dumbbell side bends Side plank rotations Hip twists Bicycles Side plank dips Oblique crunche

Your Abs Explained - everything you wanted to learn about how to get a flat tummy and get that sexy 6 pack showing!

Half-way through, during the jack-knife sit-ups, I wanted to quit. But see it through! This workout set rocks!

One pinner said, "Yea I only got through 1 and 2 before I had to stop planking. Goal is to get all the way by summer!"

Just did this one for the first time and was only able to make it one time through before the kiddo woke up. Even only one time through, I'm feeling like jello in my arms and abs and butt. Will definitely be working this into the routine.

Now this is what I call March MADNESS!! lol Let's see if I can do it

Amazing Arms and Abs April. Starts April 2, not April 1, so we're not behind! :)

I pin them all...Now to actually do them but I think u should go on a walk or jog or run (which ever u feel like) with ur friends and then pick a few of theses to do and eat a little more healthy drink more water have some smoothies and fruit and stuff like that