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    Skateboarding | NYC 1965 | Life 1 | kids | old school | vintage | skaters | gang | fun | down hill | mini boards

  • Avax Newz

    Skateboarding In The 1960s By Bill Eppridge #extreme #sport #skateboarding #Vintage Photos

  • Ofek Sharon

    Childhood memories

  • Tim Haley

    Skateboarding in New York City as pictured by photographer Bill Eppridge in 1965. Pictures originally featured in Life Magazine on May 14, 1965. Had no idea skate boards had been around that long!!!!!

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Скейтбординг 1960-х годов в New York от Bill Eppridge

1965 Skateboarding in New York City - Bill Eppridge—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Skater wall-riding in black and white

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I got a board that I kick on all fours and ride it on smooth floors even ride it on stages...

skate | handstand | old school | ware house | concrete | street skater | graffiti | www.republicofyou...

skater girl, longboard girl, skateboarding with your boyfriend ♥

Yeah! Backside airs are always handsome. This is especially good because of the composition (tight over the shoulder of the guy in the foreground), the balance of the flashes with the low sun, and of course the impact of having two people planted with the strobes in the background. They add to the intensity of the crowd and create a lot of energy. Way cool. Photo by Paul Sommersguter