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16 Ways to Flirt with your husband...more good ideas on her website, too

6 Ways to Keep Your Partner Infatuated With You

from Club 31 Women

6 Words of Wisdom: The Best Advice from 60 Years of Marriage

And here they are still loving each other after all these years. The Best Marriage Advice From 60 Years of Marriage

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178 Fun & Creative Dating Ideas

178 Fun and Creative Dating Ideas

This is super nice to have. Austin's love language is words of affirmation and I try my best to show it but I constantly feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over again.

I love that as you get older ( or me) you learn to appreciate your spouse, having pure gratitude... And by doing so your marriage becomes stronger and better than ever before <3

Nice things to do for your husband ... Just because!

A fitted sheet is perfect for a long folding table!

Must Try: 30-Day Relationship Challenge Backed By Science
from Lifehack

Must Try: 30-Day Relationship Challenge Backed By Science

happy relationship quotes -

what you make it: 50 MORE things to do together (other than watching movies)