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Open-Ended Questions for Accountable Math Talk - how awesome is this? Wait till you read the post on effective math post - and yes, you can download this poster for free!

Open-ended Math Talk Questions- “Questioning is a powerful instructional strategy.” Creating a classroom where students are able to effectively use math talk during a classroom dis…

Speed dating (exchanging math problems) in the math classroom.

Speed dating in the math classroom.

Speed dating (exchanging math problems) in the math classroom.but I won't call it "speed dating" in middle school!

Use this f.r.e.e. math reflection spinner to get your students writing in math.!

10 Ways to Get Students Writing in Math

Use this FREE math reflection spinner to get your students writing in math and explaining their answers.

Kunsten å stille gode spørsmål The Q Factor: Adding Quality to Our Questions. A guest post about how to take our math questioning to the next level. Sample questions for grade bands included.

Post It, Prove it is a great way to check for understanding.  You can use this informal assessment at many point during the day, even as an exit ticket.

Even High School Teachers Need Cute Decorations!

Post It, Prove It- An Exit TIcket Strategy great for Middle School Classes. This is a great exit ticket. Students will be able to prove their understanding.

Great 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, & Geometry Ideas!

Amazing Mathematics

Browse over 310 educational resources created by Amazing Mathematics in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Get Your GROOVE on with GUIDED MATH 10-week blog series!  LEARN everything about Guided Math from beginning to end in this blog series! Check it out!

Get Your GROOVE On With Guided Math

This series is so helpful if you're just starting guided math groups--can apply to any grade level!

Life in Middle School: Some New Products!

Helpful handout for students lacking pre-requisite skills (minus the part about slope being y=mx+b)

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Anchor charts are a staple in any elementary school classroom. Here are some truly inspired ones:Group work expectations anchor chart Ways to compare fractions anchor chart Quadrilaterals anchor ch…

TEACHER MATH - teacher heath

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 24 Questions to Enhance Students Reflective and Critical Thinking Skills