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Solovetsky Monastery was founded in 1436. It is situated on the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea. #medieval #Russian #history

from 9GAG

The Little mermaid and the seven seas

The Little Mermaid - Triton has 7 daughters for the 7 seas. Attina - Bering Sea (Bering is largest, she is the oldest). Alana - Black Sea (hair). Adella (Mediterranean Sea (personality is romantic). Aquata - Coral sea (personality is shy). Arista - White Sea (hair). Andrina - Caribbean Sea (personality is carefree). Ariel - Red Sea (hair).

white Humpback Whale, Moby Dick lives; The White Humpback Whale Known as Migaloo Spotted again. See more pictures and watch a video and read the rest of this story by clicking on the image.