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    • Wayne Gartley

      National Portrait Gallery - Portrait - NPG x128487; Duchess of ...

    • Omnium Gatherum

      (Formally King Edward VIII) The Duke of Windsor and Wallis, Duchess of Windsor

    • Shirley Spady

      King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, she is part of England's history, although not like they would have wanted.

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    The Golden Gate Bridge opened on opening day, May 27, 1937

    St. Pancras Station, London

    St Pancras buttresses, functional beauty

    ST. PANCRAS - London, London

    St. Pancras Hotel, London

    audrey hepburn

    Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

    No 4: Bach's Signature: Read the one note from four directions, starting from the left, clockwise. Using three distinct clefs and two key signatures, the single note alternately reads "B", "A", "C", "H". In German notation, "B" is the designation for B-flat, and "H" the designation for B-natural.

    Rates of Travel 1830 / click through to see 1800, 1857, 1930

    Score sheet of ‘Moonlight Sonata’: Ludwig van Beethoven

    The Undercroft: Lincoln's Inn This beautiful undercroft is beneath the Lincoln's Inn Chapel, The floor is made up of grave slabs. Grade I listed. Undercroft with Gothic four-centred arches, lierne-vaults and Tuscan demi-columns attached to the piers.

    Hindenburg being built.

    Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world in its long and colourful history, new research has found.

    City of the Future from The Wonderful World, The Adventure of the Earth We Live On, 1954. Illustrations by Kempster & Evans.

    Suffragette Movement, Advertising Christabel, Suffragette Forever, Christabel Pankhurst, Suffering Suffragette, Pankhurst Book, Suffrage Aug 18, Book Photographers, Vintage Suffragette

    "declassified documents show that the US Air Force was working on, and perhaps had already built, a supersonic flying saucer in 1956"

    Liberty looms over Paris, 1884. Agence Papyrus

    Bristol Byzantine architecture. I love it. #lovebristol

    Waste not, want not.


    The Jiangyou Figure Hill Temple. Simple iron chain bridge, China, 1930s

    I have this as a tattoo on my wrist. Charles Darwin. Tree of Life : A reproduction of the first-known sketch of an evolutionary tree describing the relationships among groups of organisms. (via Syndics of Cambridge University Library)

    American Museum of Natural History / NYC. By martinturner on flickr

    "MJ: Did the cast know you were gay? GT: Most of them knew, but they were cool. They knew what impact it could have on an actor's career. Once I was at work chatting with Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov, and he started gesturing at a group of young extras who were dressed in the Starfleet shirt. There was a gorgeous young guy...and that's when I knew that Walter knew. I turned back to him and he was grinning. He was helping me out! Bill was oblivious."

    Spiral staircase of the Château de Blois / Loire Valley, France.