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Covering Bulletin Board With Fabric

Two filing cabinets back to back with fabric to cover. Magnet board!!!

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Neat way to make a filing cabinet pretty and more useful. Hang a hanging organizer over the back of the filing cabinet and cover the side of the filing cabinet with paper and border

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dollar store facial cloths for dry erase board erasers


How to Restore a Whiteboard

Wd40 Wipe

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to restore dry erase boards that are hard to erase: spray a clean board with wd40, wipe dry with paper towels. the wd40 fills in the dried pores of the board that hold in marker ink, making it easier to erase.

Simple Curtains

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Clever little reading nook between two filing cabinets... cozy with a sweet curtain.

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for due dates and upcoming events - use dry erase poster board

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Hanging Baskets with Command Clips (from Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten)

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Teacher desk redone- duct tape and fabric!!

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Animal habitats bulletin board. Divide a bulletin board up into the four main animal habitats. Choose an appropriate boarder. Have students draw their favorite wild animal on a piece of paper and have them place it in the correct habitat. This will be a great way to display students artwork!

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Construction paper storage or mailboxes. Then cover with fabric or scrapbook paper. .... Just ordered mine today!

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I love the filing cabinet painted with chalkboard paint!

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a whole site dedicated to organizing your classroom....I died and went to heaven

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Checkout this great post on Bulletin Board Ideas!

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Reach For The Stars Bulletin Board

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Mod Podged



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contact paper on file cabinet

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Great classroom idea! Don't be mean behind the screen.Character Traits: Kindness

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Learning Bulletin

Monster themed bulletin board... Taking a bite out of first grade... Place the students names on the teeth. So much fun to make and my favorite :)

Summer Sunglasses

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What do you see yourself doing this summer! Will make a great bulletin board.

Rope Lights

Depth Tour

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Lighting In The Classroom

We LOVE this message and the lights!!!! This would be a great bulletin board for the beginning of the school year.