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Fuck it man

Poetry: One fish two fish red fish blue fish. Description: This is a rhyming book for young students. Activity: Have the students create a fish like their favorite one from the book.


Your a fuck face.everytime I see you face I get an incredible urge to Fuck The Shit Out of You!

How To Use The "F" Word.  I don't really like this word, but this is too funny (& possibly useful) to pass up.

Proving that Fuck is the most versatile word in the English language

Funny Workplace Ecard: Please make these idiots shut the fuck up before I lose my shit and burn this mother fucker to the ground.

SORRY for the language.but this clearly sums up how I'm feeling at work today!

Yup.. I'm pretty sure it's broken!

Sorry I Can't Go To Work Tomorrow I Fractured My Motivation funny quotes quote jokes work lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor