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Want this after I finishing getting toned, in shape and tan... LOL

I wish I wasn't scared to get this cuz I want it

I'm in love with the septum, I want one so bad. And the dimples piercing is Legit.

piercings (never knew the names of all these, lol!) (and just to be clear most hygienists don't like oral or lip or facial piercings)

Typically hate snake bites, but this girl pulls them off

Perfect look. I love vertical labret but I doubt it would work very well with lipstick.

Venus by Maria Tash: Providing the Best Piercing NYC Offers | Clean Piercings, Gold Belly Rings, Diamond Nose Rings

I like the dainty nose piercing, and the monroe piercing isn't bad either ;D

Love this but i don't know if I can go through the pain of an additional two of them

Laced up piercings... could never do this but its awesome