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so true this shows that girls don't love the romantic Cinderella dances. they love their best friends. My son is better at relationships than his dad:)

guys, if you do this, i promise she will fall for you over and over again

What the heck....u have seen it already so YES I would like to kiss you like this!!! Strong, passionate & wild kisses that leave you breathless & hungry for more!! I would so satisfy your ache & make you sore...that good soreness that you love...& maybe just maybe miss a little bit!:-* Daannnnngggg!!!!! I miss your touch & YOU!!!!!! I Love YOU Baby!!!! There is NO One like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

I dont normally pin love quotes.. But the hopeless romantic in me had a hard time resisting this one... One day! ;)

Fotologfrom Fotolog

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<3 i wish someone said this to me everyday

correction... I will DEFINITLEY fall in love with for all these things cause this is perfect