Tee shirt Quilts

Little boys memory quilt using whole applique outfits on a patchwork background...by me!

Couch quilt with pink sashing and backing.

Memory quilt idea.

I think this idea is very cute, if only I had kept all the baby clothes

If a quilt can be passed down from generation to generation, a photo album quilt is the ULTIMATE family heirloom!!

memory quilt....i have already started saving "FAVORITE" outfits and stuff from the kids to do this for the kids when they get older!

Another great idea for baby clothes quilt.

Make a Onesie Quilt - cute way to save all those baby clothes in a quilt - full tutorial

Shirt Quilt - reminds me of my dad's shirts! Wish I had them so I could make one of these to wrap up in on cold days or days I am missing him. Love ya dad!

Baby Clothes Quilt - http://www.jellybeanquilts.com

quilt dresses- would love to use my old baby clothes for this

Baby Keepsake Quilt. Link below is to a company that will make them. Image was from a FB post

Cute quilt of onsies your child wore their first year of their life

how to sew patchwork blocks together so all the seams line up. Brilliant tutorial. Not a lot of written instructions, but the photos tell the process.

Make photo quilts. Great gift idea!

Great t-shirt quilt

Lots of quilt videos. Good site. library of Eleanor Burns quilting videos

baby clothes quilt....I save special outfits, vacation t-shirts, well-snuggled pajamas for just this reason! Friends laugh at me...but I'm going to love that quilt when they are gone and I'm curled up in those memories. ~sniff~

An owl quilt for baby to be