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Workplace diversity - Recruitment and HR


Sometimes I like to treat myself at work and just do one thing at a time.

Be mindful of what you post! #jobsearch

Human Resources lol!

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Cartoon: Short Staffing

Less Experience, More Pay?


haha, I dont know how many times I've decided if I should go to something or not depending if there's food lol. #humor


Funny HR work humor

Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm having the kind of day at work where I fear that I am a flight risk.

Good boss vs bad boss traits. Work on being the good boss; be a better support to employees or your colleagues!

Psych quote: Gus (wearing kakhis and a polo): they say you're supposed to dress for the job you want not he one you have. Shawn: in that case I'm going to dress up like batman everyday.

HR Humor

Job Interview or Bust.

Workplace Humor: Resume Prep Remember folks, creative resumes will only get you so far!

Is Anyone Recruiting Out There?

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