secret garage!


A Staircase That Lifts Up to Reveal a Secret Room | 36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

Volkswagen's concept car that travels by using magnetic force to float. Jetsons here we come!

automated car turntable. she will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.

Awesome garage door is awesome


Skylight above bed! especially neat for star gazing thunderstorms... Comes with remote controlled black out blinds!!


Lets build this in the garage! surf rack in ma beach house

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door. Awesome because then you have a secret room.

Perfect for rainy days too. This might be the coolest swing ever

WHAT?? The door to an underground storm shelter/panic room/secret hid out in the kitchen island! Best secret passage ever!! Definitely a dream home feature! (would also be good if someone broke into your house and you had to hide somewhere) LOVE THIS !!! 🌺🌺🌺ream house ideas.

Garage shelving idea: the lower shelves actually glide out so you can step to reach top shelved items. Then they slide back to the wall

Rambler Socket Built-in Wall Extension Cord - will be in my next home. Or should I say will be in my next garage.

Secret room behind the closet-this would be a good place for a safe room or a library. Dear future husband.. When you build my Barbie dream house, be sure to add this to my immaculate closet


Cool car storage hydraulic array.

DIY in wall USB Charger

Hobby Crafts & Decor - What Happens in the Garage Tin Sign

Tiny house with garage. "sorry friends... the spare bedroom is the garage. but my mortgage is $37!"