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I know I fit this description....

this is so true. just by becoming a mom one becomes insane, but a 'good' kind of insane. the loving your kids kind of insane. i love you both insanely.

No need to leave the house.......just stay in my pajamas----comforts of home!

i work in pjs. exercise in pjs, hang out in pjs. LIVE in pjs.

the only 2 reasons i listen to voicemails.. 1. if i don't know the number. 2. to get rid of the icon on the screen

I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.

Cleaning house while the kids are home is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.

Cleaning House while the kids are home, is like shoveling snow, while it's still snowing. My house will be clean for when my kids go on vacations.

terrible twos quotes - Google Search

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Jerry Seinfeld - Agreed, I have a 2 year old :)


Getting everyone out of the house should be considered an Olympic event. (Stumbled across this looking for Olympic kid's crafts. Couldn't be more true!

Haha! Aww, love this!

Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom!

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Today is the childhood our kids will remember

Today is the childhood our kids will remember. Good reminder, being a mom quote

My mom needs to see this

Some days my kids can do no wrong. Other days I understand why some animals eat their young.

This made me chuckle, but my kids were actually pretty good.

Raising kids is actually like a walk in the park.-Mom humor -Mom Life Quotes -Laughing Through Motherhood - mom quotes - funny mom quotes - best of moms - - meadoria

I'm most def in the bathroom... That's where they find me because they obviously really need something as soon as I close the door

Yellow House Book Rental is celebrating moms this month! When I go missing.


The Badges of Motherhood

The Badges of Motherhood - Scary Mommy I have earned a good chunk of these.

Every. Single. Time. Again and again.

Never fails, everytime!

Lol true! I always feel horrible when it happens but geez go to sleep already!

So sad, so true

So true!

To my children: Never make fun of having to help me with computer stuff. I taught you how to use a spoon.