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Bon Jovi on American Bandstand

American Bandstand (w/ Dick Clark) Bon Jovi's First Ever Television Interview and Performance 1984

Aida Overton Walker (Commissary box ideals), (ALTOIDS IDEAL), 02/08/2016

Aida Overton Walker - The most influential and revered African-American female theatre performer during the transition into the Century.

Portrait, mid 1800s  ~Repinned Via C Vollmert

let's take a moment to appreciate this lovely picture by Maxim Vakhovskiy

Curb Your Enthusiasm - "Richard's GF wants breast reduction??" Season 8 Ep 2

Larry and Richard are caught off guard when Richard's new girlfriend wants to get breast reduction surgery.

Gangnam Style Spoof By US Navy, made me giggle

US NAVY ROCKS! These boys did this better than any other video I've seen! Gangnam Style - USNA Spirit Spot - This is the Company spirit spot, created by DoubleBond Productions based on the song and music video, "Gangnam Style" by PSY.

Family Feud~I loved this show. A slang name for a policeman is dick????LMAO!

Family Feud~I loved this show. A slang name for a policeman is dick?

Elaine is going to hell..."and the heat, my god the heat!" -Seinfeld

Seinfeld - Puddy is a CHRISTian hahah she hates religion too shes fucking perfect lol smart funny and badass! reasons I love Elaine!

He took IT out!

He took IT out!