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  • Jodi Miller

    small minded people actually believe the bible is the true word of god...perhaps they haven't really read it

  • Healing Yoga

    food for thought

  • Jackie Lyn

    Well said.

  • Graham H

    Worth a read, even though it's from 2000. (The West Wing later used this as a basis for a great scene.) It's amazing how people can pick and choose elements from the Bible and then apply those pieces as they see fit to pass judgement on others. Seriously. Believe what you want, just don't tell me what I should or should not believe.

  • Tracey :)

    Why living your life according to a 4 thousand year old book written by desert dwelling neo-cave men makes perfect fucking sense.

  • Natalie Angel

    Oh my! Read this! I'm sorry but the entire Bible is a joke. If you believe all the shit in it you're retarded. And if you're Christian and don't believe it (like you support gay marriage) well ypur a walking contradiction.

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Best scene from The West Wing…..."One last thing. While you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the ignorant tight-ass club, in this building when the President stands, nobody sits." Most memorable episode.

This is just one of countless examples showing that people who choose to blindly follow religion don't even understand their own fucking logic most of the time.

i agree. I know others won't share my view, but I am not posting this to start a debate - if you disagree, that is fine, but please respect my right to pin things that are important to me.

They say, "If you choose a career within your passion, you'll never work a day in your life." ~ there's a reason you love what you love; could it be the path of your destiny?

If the woman stands right beside the man, isn't he standing right beside her? Therefore, for the same reason, behind every great woman stands no man...

Everyday. What have you truly done today to improve yourself? You laugh but I know truly who will not be laughing in the end of your next conquest. Oh honey pls don't pull that higher than mighty shit on me. You can't fool me. You truly earned your bitch status when you got nasty with the woman who tried to help. Did u really think God would be your accomplice in your condescending abuse of the NARCs behalf? just bc you post a few Jesus quotes? Get over yourself already.

I'm not sure if I should file this under Jesus Bullshit or Funny. Let's go with Funny.

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Whoever made this is awesome... "All Leonardo Dicaprio's characters are actually one person."

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