Need to do this.

Beauty Uses for Empty Candle Jars - and I just threw 2 of them out in the trash this morning...

Diy... reuse bath and body works candle jars. Glam them up by simply adding bling on a roll and cabinet knobs.

Organize Girly Products. Organize bathroom. Reuse diaper wipe container. Also, you can use a cheap pencil box.

Stupid wrapping paper, no place to put it, always coming unrolled, wasting trees and not recyclable! I could see doing this with a dowel or suspension rod until I'm rid of the stuff completely. Just reusing brown paper bags in the future. Sorry for the rant, thank you and goodnight!

How to get wax out of old candles to reuse containers. I will be so glad I pinned this!!

cleaning out candle jars..

nail polish on a spice rack.

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More wine bottle ideas.. simple just tape off the design I want and then spray paint. Let the paint dry and peel of the paint for a nice decorative vase!! If I need to touch up I just use a Q-tip and nail polish remover!!! So simple and cheap.

dream jar

what a fab idea! a great way to reuse those plastic sealing tabs off of those bread bags!

Add lace to boring $ store candles to make them look amazing in whatever color you like

Reused bath and body works candle jars made by dkjewels, great idea, I am going to seriously make these, Lord knows I have enough empty jars!

Hair dryer holder!

spice rack for nail polish organization

attach handle to top of empty candle pot lid. fill with toiletries. very cute idea; I have already made one of these for makeup brushes

why are people so smart!! // Glue dollar store glasses onto candlesticks = Apothecary jars

keep art supplies out and in clear jars...they see them, they'll use them!

Nail Polish Storage - DIY Shelf

The Millers: House Progress and Silhouette Projects