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  • Wolfers

    Louis XI - King of France July 22, 1461 - August 30, 1483

  • Le Loiret

    Le 6 septembre 1483, Louis XI était enterré à la basilique de Cléry.

  • Yvonne Rose

    Louis XI (3 July 1423 – 30 August 1483), called the Prudent was the King of France from 1461 to 1483. He was the son of Charles VII of France and Mary of Anjou, a member of the House of Valois. During his 22-year reign, Louis successfully expanded royal power at the expense of the dukes. Shrewd and often vicious, he spun webs of plot and conspiracy which earned him the nicknames the Cunning and The Universal Spider.

  • Françoise Salaün

    Une terre de passage Mille ans après les Burgondes, la Bourgogne gouvernée par des princes a bien failli être de nouveau un puissant royaume. Si le nez de Louis XI eût été plus court… Il convient donc de faire la claire distinction entre l’histoire de la Bourgogne et l’histoire de France, en particulier avant la fin du 15 e s.

  • Ashley Meddaugh

    Louis XI, the Prudent (1423 - 1483). King of France from 1461 to 1483. He married Margaret of Scotland and had no children. He then married Charlotte of Savoy and had three children. He was very superstitious and is considered the first modern King of France.

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Charles VIII (1470 - 1498). Son of Louis XI and Charlotte of Savoy. He married Anne of Brittany and had two sons who died young.

Charles X (1757 - 1836). King of France from 1824 to 1830. He married Marie Thérèse of Savoy and had two sons. He abdicated the throne in 1830.

Joan of France (French: Jeanne de France, Jeanne de Valois; (23 April 1464 – 4 February 1505), was briefly Queen consort of France as wife of King Louis XII of France, in between the death of her brother, King Charles VIII, and the annulment of her marriage. She soon founded the monastic Order of the Sisters of the Annunciation of Mary. She was canonized on 28 May 1950 and is known in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Joan of Valois,

Louis XI - was the archenemy of Edward IV. Known as the universal spider, he had legions of spies across Europe. After he pulled his son, the dauphin, out of an agreement to marry Edward's eldest daughter, Elizabeth of York, a furious Edward swore war but died before he could launch it.

Marie Joséphine of Savoy (Maria Giuseppina Luigia; 2 September 1753 – 13 November 1810) was the wife of the future King Louis XVIII of France. She was a princess of Savoy by birth, became titular Queen consort, and was known by her title: Her Royal Highness, Countess of Provence.

Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy, was the son of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette. He had been imprisoned from August 1792 until his death from illness in 1795 at the age of 10.

Charles Philippe born 9 October 1757, at Versailles, France. Son of Marie Josèphe of Saxony, Dauphine de France and Louis Ferdinand, Dauphin de France (and grandson of Louis XV). He married Marie-Thérèse of Savoy and had 4 children.

Today in Jewish History: 25 Av 1315 (CE). King Louis X of France called back the Jews who had been expelled a few decades earlier by King Louis IX. This marked a theme in Jewish-French life: expulsions and subsequent invitations to return. The French monarchy was trying to establish their land as the "new Jerusalem," and to fulfill this mission attempted several crusades to Israel. In 1615, King Louis XIII ordered that Christians were forbidden to speak with Jews, upon penalty of death.

Louis XII, the Father of the People (1462 - 1515). King of France from 1498 to 1515. He married Joan of France, but divorce her to marry Anne of Brittany, who he had two daughters with. After her death he married Mary Tudor, but died a few months later. He was very active in foreign policy.

Louis, Dauphin of France, was the son of King Louis XV of France. He died at the age of 36 while his father was still alive, thus never becoming king himself. He was the father of three kings of France, Louis XVI, XVIII, and Charles X.

Portrait of King Louis Philippe I

King Ludwig II and King Otto in their younger years. From Bavaria. from wiki Ludwig II (Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm;[1] sometimes rendered as Louis II in English) (25 August 1845[2] – 13 June 1886) was King of Bavaria from 1864 until shortly befor 2013 wedding dresses