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Owls make me laugh...

Ummmm .... I hid and the monster came in and shredded the paper! Aren't you glad I'm safe??? ************************************************ (repin) #cat #cats #animal #animals #feline #pet #pets #kitty #kitties #kitten #kittens - ≈√



Yay! You're here!


LMAO damn this is so true it's hurting

But now the DAMN SONG is STUCK in my head

LMAO I totally do this

BIRTHGIVER!!!! LMAO my mother's gonna hate me forever after this.

And that's why we're friends

"The Felons were losing forty-two to nothing in the third quarter when the first object struck the glass of von Zepplin's skybox" Sounds about right

This is either hilarious or I need to go to sleep... *looks at clock, 3:00 am* Nope! it's hilarious!

Thank you, Wash.

The Most Heart Warming Thing Youll See Today

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i'm just gon "borrow" dis