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this is me. But I literally just got done deleting almost all of my pictures.

All trust was lost this day.

Don't feel bad about #procrastinating. #Mozart


Omg A C C U R A T E

Me in Spanish


Probably the best thing ever


Lol me

Literally me

Teenager posts

The 25 Best Michael Scott Quotes - BuzzFeed Mobile

road to el dorado and tangled tulio + miguel= flynn rider WOAH


"Blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns... This would be so much easier if I wasn't colour-blind!" Hilarious! ~ Donkey, Shrek I.

I always thought of this

Literally me

Better safe than sorry lol

Theo James

Hahaha, Narnia and What Does The Fox Say. Perfect!

Frozen + catching fire = dying


Haha yes!