• Bárbara Hernández

    Anyhoo flickr. Coloured rounded lights: can be done by putting tiny lights or glow in the dark stick into balloons

  • Sarah Majors

    lanterns- ORRRR.... This look (though probably not as cool looking) could also be done easily with a little imagination and ingenuity. In past pins, I've seen about the same look recreated with (a) numerous colorful balloons (b) glow sticks-which u can buy at The Dollar Tree or in bulk at a party supply store (c) marbles-1 marble & 1 glow stick for each balloon (d) either ribbon or string of the same color as each balloon OR what I would do is use fishing line to give them a "floating effect". The rest is self explanatory (I hope) if not..here's whatcha do: begin by tying (or taping, stapling, whatever )clear fishing line to the ceiling with about 1/2ft (or more, depending on how many balloons you have & how much space you would like to cover) between each line. I plan on using different lengths of line for a super cool effect also not as easy to see the work in between ea balloon. Have a buddy to blow up balloons while the other drops in the marble which makes it hang perfectly and then the glowstick). Great way to camouflage the not so desirable looking garage ceiling. For the walls, I plan on using streamers, and even more balloons without the glow sticks tacked to the wall. Cheap and easy to create a really fun atmosphere.

  • Teresa Thomas

    Glow in the dark slumber party ideas

  • Angela Crane

    i learned that you can get this by putting tiny lights or glow in the dark stick and put them in balloons to get the!!!! Love the colors, will have to try this!

  • Janette Buhler

    *Rainbow of NEON Balloon Colors

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