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  • sheof108names

    Elihu Vedder (American, 1836-1923). The Pleiades. 1885. Oil on canvas. Oil on canvas In Greek mythology Maia is one of the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and the ocean nymph Pleione. These mountain nymphs of Arcadia, Sterope, Merope, Elektra, Taygeta, Celeno, Alcyone, and Maia all had violet-colored hair and were immortalized in the stars as the constellation Pleiades after committing suicide upon hearing about the death of their father.

  • Astro Alima

    The Pleiades 1885 oil painting by artist Elihu Vedder. Source/Photographer: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

  • Isolde

    Elihu Vedder: The Pleiades (10.64.13) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Ann Lynn

    "The Pleiades" (1885) painting by Elihu Vedder. The Pleiades were Calypso and her six sisters.

  • Kara White

    Facts about M45 Star Cluster, the Pleiades. Painting is: 1885 Oil On Canvas painting by Elihu Vedder Depicting the Greek Mythology Surrounding the Star Cluster

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