A Home without a Dog is just a House - Dog Animal Quotes

Yes. Everyday. And then I look at my husband and think the same thing.

Every single freaking morning! What an adorable sight to wake up to. Nobody (except your Mom) will love you as unconditionally as one of these saved Angels.

Just a few reasons to own a dog...

Just a few reasons to own a dog...

They talk. You just have to speak their language.

So much love said and not a single word needed! All this beautiful lab needs is some green eyes and he would look just like my sweet riley! I miss you riley!

I have been lucky so many times over.

If your lucky a dog will come into your life, steal your heart, and change everything. Quotes about dogs. Loving quotes about dogs.

Pets are stress busters. They recognize how you feel. They jump all over you when you are happy. They leave you alone when are not. They do cutest things to change your moods. Love them and they love you 10 times more. if your best friend (dog) is not listening go to to help yourself to get training help so that YOU can be happy with Your Pet.

So true. I'm making this for my parents. The sign will say "All you need is love", Sakura's sign will say "and dogs" and A Betsy will say "Agreed". So cute.

Minding your business...

Free and Funny Family Ecard: Dogs are furry children that will never ask for money, a car or a phone. And they are always glad to see you.

I See A Friend. I Feel A Soul.

Beautiful dog quote poster - When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal, I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.

If you’re only going to read one thing today, read this… A MUST READ seriously made me cry so much

If you’re only going to read one thing today, read this…

Very true!

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No one listens to you like your best friend. No judgement, no advice, just someone you can pour your heart out to.

The best

"The best therapist has fur and four legs" So true! That's why dogs are the best!