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10 Beautiful and Inspiring Packages

Branding a commodity by asking a simple question. Way to go @help for condensing a whole pharmacy into 10 square feet.

Very nice pasta packaging. The cylinder containers clearly show the various types of pasta in an artful way. The very simple design also goes along well with the simplicity of the uncooked pasta with a basic font and plain background. The packaging is simple, yet visually appealing and informative at a glance.

Not sure what this is but I like the tops to these glass bottles... could paint brick like this and it would be amazing!!!!

Ragazze, li avete visti i nuovi #blush della @TooFaced ? A quanto sembra saranno una novità di quest'autunno. A parte i colori dei blush carinissimi (c'è un video su #YouTube in cui li mostra JenninaMakeUp (Fan's Page) ) , Jerrod Blandino e Jeremy Johnson non si smentiscono mai in quanto a packaging...i blush son così carini, #SailorMoon style ...quanto sono glam #kawaii ? ☺️ PHOTO : @beautyeditor #LOVEFLUSH #livogliotutti #toofacedheart #toofaced #makeup

if this is a conditioner i want it! the best detangling leave in i ever purchased had Calendula in it and after that one time i never found it again :( this stuff was found on

25 Beautifully Designed Products & Labels

Maker by THE MADE SHOP- I love the way this flat bottom stand up pouch was customized, very natural- go to to buy them in plain kraft #packaging