Blessing in a Bottle 12 oz. of White Vinegar 12 oz. of Dawn Dish soap 1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent also known as kitchen Magic This stuff will get through anything, make your sink and shower shine like new,

Homemade magic eraser? I'll have to try this :) 2 tbs Borax, 12oz warm water, 12oz white vinegar, drops of scented essential oil to mask vinegar smell, 24 oz spray bottle. Mix water and borax in bottle then add all other ingredients.

Homemade Fabric Softener! What You’ll Need: 6 cups HOT water 3 cups white vinegar 2 cups Suave Refreshing Waterfall Conditioner {or other favorite scent} What You’ll Do: Mix conditioner & hot water well, until conditioner is dissolved completely. Add the vinegar, and mix well. Store in a large container {empty fabric softener container, empty large vinegar bottle, etc} Pour into a downy ball… or use approx. 2 tbsp. in the fabric softener spot in your laundry machine… then wash!

Carpet cleaner. I used it and it works very well. You'd think with the peroxide that it would bleach the carpet out, but I was at that point with my carpet (it needs to be replaced but we don't have the $$$) where it didn't matter either way. It works! Then I went over it with my steam mop. My carpet definitely looks better!!!

Looking for a less toxic way to keep things clean? Tons of ideas here for natural cleaning solutions you can make yourself! | Remodelaholic

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