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Vincent Olinet, After The Waves/The Waifs/Agnetha, Filippa, Märta, Greta and Frija, 2011, natural and synthetic hairs, broom sticks. Visages by Marie Mainguy, via Behance

For every identity which the Narcissist discards, they create a new one, which is usually the old identity starting from scratch in the hopes of getting it right this new time around. They move in a perpetual cycle of repetition.

This glitch art is very visually striking as the human face is no longer recognisable. The use of colour thoughtfully used and can also be related to the vibrancy of Vivid as it embraces the technological form.

eyes and ears and nose and mouth, illustration

Face Patterns Tutorial by ~ with thanks to Snigom on deviantART Resources for Art School Students and Mixed Media Artists on How to Draw Faces Figure for CAPI ::: Create art Portfolio Ideas at