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Bauerschwein: Pig-like creatures, specifically similar to wild boars.

Reinigen: German - Pure Rat; Rat-like Wesen

Seelengut: German - Kindhearted; Sheep-like Wesen

Klaustreich - Cat-like creatures known for being jerks in the Wesen community. Violent and abusive.

Hexenbiest: Frightening witch-like creatures.

Dickfellig (thick-skinned): These rhino creatures are strong fighters that make for good boxers, and they are a popular choice for fights in underground creature clubs.

Seltenvogel (Rare Bird): Seltenvogels are so rare in the Wesen community that they're thought to be extinct in most circles. A frail, bird-like creature, Seltenvogel were highly valued in ancient times and usually kept prisoner. They are known most famously for producing an Unbezahlbar once in their lifetime, which resembles a large golden egg. The egg must physically be delivered from the throat, which is a delicate and dangerous task.

Steinadler - Hawk-like creatures with exceptional vision

Löwen: German - Lion; Lion-like Wesen

Mellifer: German - Honey Bee; Bee-like Wesen

Reaper of the Grimms: Troll-like creatures that carry scythes. #Grimm #Wesen

Jägerbar: German - Hunter Bear; Bear-like Wesen

Skalengeck: German - Scaled Dude; Lizard-like Wesen

Grimm creature


Bauerschwein (Peasant Pig): A pig-like creature; specifically similar to a wild boar, with giant tusks jutting up from the lower jaw. Mud baths have a calming effect on them. Bauerschwein are centuries-old enemies of Blutbaden.

Grimm creatures + Wesen

Grimm creatures + Wesen A Hexenbiest (HEK-sən-beest; pl: -biester Germ. Hexe “witch” + Biest “beast”) is a witch-like Wesen that resembles a zombie, with visibly rotting or disfigured flesh. Rosalee indicated that the term Hexenbiest is reserved for the female, while a male (such as Renard) would instead be called a Zauberbiest (TSOW-bər-beest; Germ. Zauber “magic” or Zauberer “wizard” + Biest “beast”). (“Mr. Sandman”)


Lausenschlangen are snake-like creature with forked tongues, fangs, slanted eyes and skin covered in scales. They typically prey on lesser creatures (such as the Mauseherz) and use their powerful arms to crush their victims like a boa constrictor.