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    Bauerschwein: Pig-like creatures, specifically similar to wild boars.



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    Blutbad: German - Bloodbath; Wolf-like Wesen

    Seelengut: German - Kindhearted; Sheep-like Wesen

    Ziegevolk: German - Goat Folks; Goat-like Wesen

    Hexenbiest: Frightening witch-like creatures.

    Reinigen: German - Pure Rat; Rat-like Wesen

    Klaustreich - Cat-like creatures known for being jerks in the Wesen community. Violent and abusive.

    Dickfellig (thick-skinned): These rhino creatures are strong fighters that make for good boxers, and they are a popular choice for fights in underground creature clubs.

    Mellifer: German - Honey Bee; Bee-like Wesen

    Bauerschwein (Peasant Pig): A pig-like creature; specifically similar to a wild boar, with giant tusks jutting up from the lower jaw. Mud baths have a calming effect on them. Bauerschwein are centuries-old enemies of Blutbaden.

    Reaper of the Grimms: Troll-like creatures that carry scythes. #Grimm #Wesen

    Jägerbar: German - Hunter Bear; Bear-like Wesen

    Skalengeck: German - Scaled Dude; Lizard-like Wesen

    Grimm creature


    Grimm (TV Series) - In modern day Portland, Oregon, a police detective inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures.

    Löwen: German - Lion; Lion-like Wesen

    Seltenvogel (Rare Bird): Seltenvogels are so rare in the Wesen community that they're thought to be extinct in most circles. A frail, bird-like creature, Seltenvogel were highly valued in ancient times and usually kept prisoner. They are known most famously for producing an Unbezahlbar once in their lifetime, which resembles a large golden egg. The egg must physically be delivered from the throat, which is a delicate and dangerous task.


    New Grimm creatures revealed for Season 4 #wesen

    Grimm creatures + Wesen