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    Bauerschwein: Pig-like creatures, specifically similar to wild boars.

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    Bauerschwein (Peasant Pig): A pig-like creature; specifically similar to a wild boar, with giant tusks jutting up from the lower jaw. Mud baths have a calming effect on them. Bauerschwein are centuries-old enemies of Blutbaden.

    Ziegevolk: German - Goat Folks; Goat-like Wesen

    Löwen: German - Lion; Lion-like Wesen

    Seelengut: German - Kindhearted; Sheep-like Wesen

    Who are these scary creatures?

    Löwen: German - Lion; Lion-like Wesen

    Fuchsbau: German - Foxhole; Fox-like Wesen

    Grimm Seasons 1-4 DVD

    Grimm creatures

    Hexenbiest: German - Witch Bitch; Witch-like Wesen

    Grimm creature

    Spinnetod: German - Death Spider; Spider-like Wesen

    Lausenschlange: German - Lousy Snake; Snake-like Wesen

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