Handwritten Flat Notecard

Handwritten Flat Notecard

Spring Stationery Set . Hello Sunshine . Handwritten Calligraphy . Mustard and Lemon Yellow

'Hello Sunshine' handwritten calligraphy stationary by sparrownestscript on etsy

ampersand fever!

Ampersand Love

ampersand fever!

Need some creative ideas for Mother's Day? We've got you covered with 40 unique gifts.

48 Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Be present every day.. More inspiration at Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat SPain : http://www.valenciamindfulnessretreat.org .

Be present everyday. Live in the present don't live you life thinking. Live ure life living in the moment.

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The candle "flame" is blind-embossed for you to color in the appropriate number of candles for your birthday friend, unless your birthday friend is over 100 years of age. The card designer clearly has no love for centenarians.