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    The Bone Detective-Bludgeoning/ blunt force trauma effects (Dr Bill Bass)

    Thats one sharp semi healed trauma wound.

    www.forensiccaree... has some info on the field of forensics and some forensic related occupations.

    Found exposed by road equipment on ranch in Chama, New Mexico. Skeleton was destroyed, but skull and artifact remained in place and intact. Ax head consistent with material culture of 16th-17th Century Spain. Association indicates that this burial site was not an intentional Christian burial, but rather a chance preservation in a remote area, and may likely be tied to the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

    Palaeolithic hand axe beautifully designed with a fossil seashell at the centre. (from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge) Via Iris T. Image by via The Celtic Prehistoric Museum

    Discerning race from the skull - European ancestry (Forensic Anthropology)

    Forensic anthropology and identification - hip prosthesis (via Odyssey Fieldschools @OdysseyForensic

    Hunterian Museum at The Royal College of Surgeons of England in London has this fascinating medical specimen on display that shows what a child’s skull looks like when its adult teeth are waiting in the wings. It won’t be long before those deciduous (baby) teeth are booted out.

    Renal injurie account for ~10% of abdominal trauma, and thus the demographic of affected individuals reflects that population. The incidence of renal injures increases in pre-existing congenital or acquired renal pathology. Blunt trauma from motor vehicle collisions, falls and personal collisions are the major cause of renal injury (~85%) and the mechanism is from deceleration injuries from collision of the kidney with the vertebral column or thoracic cage. Iatrogenic injuries can result from

    Discerning race from the skull - African ancestry (Forensic Anthropology)