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Blunt force trauma to the skull

Gunshot exit wound

Forensic Anthropology

Gunshot wound to the skull - internal beveling on the inner table at the site of a contact entrance wound

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology Information Guide.

Stab wound with edges drawn together to demonstrate that one end of the wound is squared whilst the other is sharp (i.e. caused by a single-edged blade)

Human Skull Poster - perfect for illustrators for reference: http://skullappreciationsociety.com/human-skull-poster/ via @Skull_Society

forensic anthropology | TNJN - Forensic anthropology exhibit opens

Soot in the trachea and bronchi following a fire death (sign of vitality)

Neanderthal | Unravelling the DNA of our ancient relatives

Hominid Skulls from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

"Here's a strange skull in a museum in Brazil. It was mummified when it was presumably brought from Egypt." Or, a "grey alien skull". No idea what this was modeled with (human + ??), but it's not a real primate skull... Indicating, obviously, that it's an ALIEN!!! Or model from http://www.boneclones.com/CC-05.htm

Skulls with tuberculosis & syphilis

Hydrocephalic child (photo by Rosamond Purcell)

Hominid evolution chart #anthropology #science

Discerning race from the skull

Forensic Anthropology (this quote makes me excited)

Mummy of Ramesses II (Ramesses or Ramses the Great 1303 BC - 1213 BC). His advanced age at death (over 90) is evident in his features.

BV6253:Forensic Anthropology, 3D Facial Reconstruction ©Richard T. Nowitz/Science Source #sciencesource #forensics #skull