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Hunterian Museum : London, England The skull of a young boy with a second imperfect skull attached to its anterior fontanelle. Sent to John Hunter from Bengal, India in the late 1780s.

"Here's a strange skull in a museum in Brazil. It was mummified when it was presumably brought from Egypt." Or, a "grey alien skull". No idea what this was modeled with (human + ??), but it's not a real primate skull... Indicating, obviously, that it's an ALIEN!!! Or model from

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BV6253: Forensic Anthropology, 3D Facial Reconstruction

BV6253:Forensic Anthropology, 3D Facial Reconstruction ©Richard T. Nowitz/Science Source #sciencesource #forensics #skull

Several human skulls with horns protruding from them were discovered in a burial mound at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1880's. With the exception of the bony projections located about two inches above the eyebrows, the men whom these skeletons belonged to were anatomically normal, although at seven feet tall they were considered to be giants. Burial was believed to have been in the neighborhood of 1200 AD.

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Forensic Anthropology Jobs Needed: Another Government Debacle

Forensic anthropology

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Can you name the stages of human evolution in this circle of skulls?

Can you name the stages of human evolution in this circle of skulls? Enlarge this to find out.