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Stuffed Peppers: I am in LOVE with this recipe. It's healthy and so tasty. I use red peppers and white rice but this is for sure a keeper!

Newk's Copy Cat chicken salad: Definitely not as good as the actual chicken salad from Newk's but this recipe was still pretty good.

Chicken Lombardy: made this for my husband's birthday and he loved it. It was delicious!

Simple Sesame Noodles: Very quick and easy dish. I would cut back on the sesame oil because the amount that the recipe calls for is a little much. We also added some chicken to kick it up. Very good.

Bacon and Egg Crescent: I tried this with cheddar cheese. Wish I stuck with the Parmesan. Next time I'll some veggies. Very quick and easy breakfast.

Pumpkin Spice Krispie Treats: I made these for Halloween to take to work and they turned out okay. I think the pumpkin made the rice krispie cereal too wet. When I made it again, I will just cut down on the pumpkin.

Fall Grapevine Wreath: I was in need for a fall themed wreath and the one I made turned out so well. I loved it.

Triple Chocolate Hershey Pound Cake: I made this for a family get together and it turned out okay. I thought it tasted a little bit like burnt chocolate but apparently that was just me. Will try it again and see if we get a different outcome.

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Cupcakes: These turned out SO good. A nice change to a plan ol' cupcake.

Haunted House Cardboard Decore: I cut up some cardboard into the shape I wanted. Painted them to look like a piece of old wood and even had "Keep Out!" in blood red. This looked great on our house for Halloween. Very creepy looking at such a cheap price.

This Mississippi Roast: We tried this recipe at Thanksgiving and it was so good. Made it for dinner another time after that, very good. Definitely a keeper.

Meatball Stroganoff in the Crockpot: Love this recipe. We've made it a few times now and it's very good. Quick and easy. The best kind of meal.

bang bang shrimp: this is a copycat recipe from bonefish grill. we used them for a taco stuffer. so good. this recipe is a keeper.

medicine finder: i made one of these for our medicine cabinet. we had advil here, cough syrup there. it was a mess. this fits neatly on the shelf of our linen closet and makes things so easy to find.

crock pot sausage and tortellini: this recipe was SO good. we loved it. very easy to make and the best part is that's a crock pot meal. "set it and forget it."

frogmore kabobs: a little bit of the low-country on the grill. these were very good. it made a lot. too much for just me and my husband but a good meal if you're having company.

second star to the right: for my 25th birthday, i got up the nerve to get my first tattoo. i love it. the stars from "peter pan" right behind my ear. hopefully i'll find the nerve to do one again for my 26th.

faker than fake: this actually does work pretty well. i put the baby powder on my finer and then apply. be careful not to get the powder in your eyes though! 1. Apply the first coat of mascara. 2. Get a Q-tip and put some baby powder on it. 3. Apply it to your eyelashes 4. Apply as many coats of mascara and repeat as much as you want. And get fake looking lashes for the day. -cks

Kate Spade "Mrs": owned! i got this for my 1 year anniversary. 4/27/2013 -cks

summer pasta salad: i actually really enjoyed this recipe. i put parmesan cheese in mine instead of mozzarella, but only because that's what we had. the only thing i would tweak about this this recipe is that it calls for far too much garlic. good overall. -cks

Game Day Hamburger Sliders: made these for Carolina's game of the 2013 season. Brooks loved them, I thought the onion soup taste was too strong. Overall, they were okay. -cks

Steve Madden Cuff Sling: owned! but in black. love these sandals. -cks

glass bottle nightlight: i loved the way this craft turned out but i think using a different type of glue than a glue gun would've worked a lot better. -cks

4th of july mask: the kids i nanny for really liked this craft. i cut everything out and i let them glue everything on and pull apart and glue the cotton. instead of a stick to hold it up, we tied a string around it so they could wear it instead of holding it up. -cks

oreo puddin' poke cake: the pudding came out a little thinner than i would have liked, but still good. -cks