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いざ、あなたの知らない京都へ!京都おすすめ観光スポットランキングTOP40 49枚目の画像

from 旅行のクチコミと比較サイト フォートラベル

京都・貴船*ぷちひとり旅 (八瀬・大原・貴船・鞍馬) - 旅行のクチコミサイト フォートラベル

Kyoto, Japan. stay near a tube station and you can get anywhere in the city easily

Even their Back alley in Kyoto, Japan are clean. So many could learn from this example of a people and country. CANADA TIME TO WAKE UP

Founded in 703, Bishamon-do worships Bishamonten, the god of warriors. It is one stop on the Seven Lucky God pilgrimage that includes Hiden-in, Ho-on-in, Imakumano Kannon-ji, Raigo-in, Sennyu-ji & Unryu-in. Take it & be blessed by Hotei (god of abundance & health), Jurojin (god of long life), Fukurokuju (god of happiness), Benzairen (goddess of knowledge, art & beauty), Daikokuten (god of wealth & commerce) & Ebisu (god of fishers & merchants).