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Saxon Sword by UlfsHeimArmory on Etsy

Steps in the evolution of the Khyber from ethnic/native to the military regulation type. Left to right, full military regulation khyber, combination military regulation / native khyber, native khyber.

German or Swiss Two Handed Sword (Hand & a Half Sword) With Flamberge Blade Circa 1570 .

Sword Sheath

Parts of a Samurai Sword - because you may run out of bullets


Lords Sword - House Of Aton

my sword

Armour set

common sword types



Viking Swords

Celtic Sickle

Black Medieval athame. With a long blade, cruciform cross guard, and black hilt wrapped in a faux leather finish; this athame appears to be a medieval sword in miniature. Cannot ship to MA or CA. 14" - 9" blade.

The Witcher - silver sword